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 Item Availability Status Next Restock
Axon MAX+ In Stock - -
Axon MINI+ Sold Out In Production -
Axon MICRO+ In Stock - -
B25T Servo Arm Sold out In Production  -
Axon Analog-JST Board Sold out In Production -
Axon Servo Programmer In Stock - -
35mm Omni Wheel In Stock - -
Replacement Gearsets In Stock - -
Axon Encoder Coming Soon - -
Axon Odometry Module Coming Soon - -
Axon Bevels In Stock - -

Last Updated 3/19/2024


Availability Description:

  • Sold out: No items left in stock. Cannot be ordered.
  • Pre-order: No items left in stock. Can be ordered, and will be shipped as soon as available.
  • Coming Soon: New product! Sign up for in stock notifications to know when it releases. 
  • In Stock: Ships like normal.  

Status Description:

  • Pre-Production: New product undergoing R&D.
  • In Production: Item is being manufactured.
  • Assembly: Item is being assembled.
  • Final Assembly: Item is being prepared for shipping.
  • In Transit: Item is on the way to an Axon-Robotics warehouse.

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